SINCE 1967


Since its introduction in 1967, DuPont Corian® has proved itself to be a remarkably durable material that is easy to live with. It cannot delaminate and stands up well to daily wear and tear. It resists most of the impacts, nicks and cuts that occur in heavy traffic areas. Corian® has been tested for its mechanical, thermal, electrical and other surface properties.


DuPont Corian® is an inert and nontoxic material. Under normal temperature conditions, it does not emit gases. Corian® is used in public areas and for sensitive applications such as airport check-in counters, walls and work surfaces in hospitals and hotels.


DuPont Corian® is a non-porous material. It is solid through its entire thickness and can be fabricated with inconspicuouts seams, rendering its surface hygienic. DuPont Corian® surfaces do not support the growth of bacteria or fungi.


The translucency of DuPont Corian® is especially striking in the lighter colors as well as thinner sheets. Many designers are now using the material to create lamps or lighting effects in various applications.


DuPont Corian® can be thermoformed in wooden or metal moulds at controlled temperatures in order to create various 2D and 3D design objects.


DuPont Corian® can be joined together seamlessly to create a one piece homogenous look, giving virtually unlimited design possibilities as a decorative surface.


Surfaces in DuPont Corian® are renewable, meaning they can be fully restored to their original condition. Cigarette burns, for example, can be easily removed in this way. Damage caused by abuse can usually be repaired on site without having to completely replace the material.